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Booking policy

All retreats & inpatient treatment require a 25% deposit prior to arrival at the centre which can be done through Zelle, PayPal (+5%), bank transfer. We will provide all of the payment details once the booking is confirmed – the remaining balance due must be paid in USD upon arrival. In certain cases the full amount can be paid via bank transfer or SWIFT wire.

Please know that before booking your stay for any of our retreats, we will require a completed medical form, telephone interview and have you share your intentions & commitment to the program we are offering. For our friends seeking inpatient treatment we require a full review of the inpatient agreement package including your signature.

Cancellation policy

The Need for cancellations for inpatient treatment must be expressed 14 days prior to arrival date, the deposit will be used for a new reservation to be made at a later date.

Early departure policy

Nihue Rao & Sacred Rebels Recovery reserves the right to decide whether a person is fit or unfit to participate in consuming ayahuasca & other medicinal plants. If the staff or facilitators see that ayahuasca consumption is not benefiting the individual, or is putting his/her health and/or integrity at risk they will be unable to partake in further consumption.

In addition, Sacred Rebels Recovery & Nihue Rao reserves the right to ask visitors/participants to leave early if the staff deems that the values, rules, people and/or animals at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual are not being respected, as agreed before arrival.

In cases such as listed above, an explanation will be given, but Sacred Rebels Recovery & Nihue Rao will not give a refund. If an individual decides he/she wants to leave the retreat or inpatient treatment early, a refund will not be provided.

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