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Holistic recovery program

Holistic Recovery

In our tradition of keeping an open mind, we view the application of plant medicines & ayahuasca in the recovery healing process as not only holistically beneficial but also within a model of harm reduction that promotes informed choice, personal safety, and professional guidance.

What is holistic recovery treatment?

Holistic Recovery is a person-centered journey to finding balance and relief from a range of spiritual, physical, mental & emotional ailments, that is why we choose a person-centered approach.

At Sacred Rebels Recovery, we treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms of addiction.
This approach is called holistic recovery treatment. In the Shipibo tradition various plant remedies are used outside of ayahuasca that have been shown to help aid in the recovery process in an even deeper & more effective manner.

Why holistic treatment?

Holistic recovery treatment for addiction emerged as a form of care that combines a variety of traditional substance abuse treatment with various experiential therapies. It accounts for the myriad ways alcohol and drugs affect a person and his or her life. With a holistic approach, we rely on this heightened awareness and a perspective that is rooted in compassion.

This approach to addiction treatment is rooted in scientific evidence. Numerous studies have shown that holistic recovery treatment is the optimal approach to addiction rehabilitation. We utilize traditional amazonian plant medicine healing work with integrity in the Shipibo tradition of vegetalismo and the incorporation of shipibo ayahuasca ceremonies & dietas with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, though consuming ayahuasca is not necessary to participate in our retreats or recovery programs master plant dietas prescribed by Maestro Ricardo & attending ceremonies are considered essential.

Our holistic approach begins with a 7 day introduction to the new living environment & deciding which of our recovery programs will be most suitable for the individual. Preparation for ayahuasca ceremony & intention setting will also be done during this time in-person privately with Maestro Ricardo & our intake team. Participants will receive aromatic flower baths, traditional massages and a medicinal plant-based purgative to help aid in the detoxification process and promote a relaxed state.

The reason why a holistic approach is the most effective way to treat addiction is because of how it addresses more than the physical effects of addiction. Holistic recovery treatment is another way of ensuring that all of a person’s needs are met in recovery.

Why choose a holistic recovery program?

Sacred Rebels Recovery offers comprehensive inpatient care for 4 clients maximum at one time with several customizable holistic treatment programs to suit their needs. The limited spacing ensures a much deeper personal experience and immersive opportunity to access our programs. Each of these holistic programs is comprised of four main types of holistic care, which include:

Physical healing

Addressing the physical symptoms and effects of addiction is almost always the first step of a holistic treatment program. After all, it would be very difficult — perhaps even impossible — to focus on recovery when experiencing symptoms of physical withdrawal.

Yet there’s more to physical care than overcoming physiological dependence on alcohol or drugs. While in the throes of active addiction, people often neglect their most basic needs. As a result, they often feel weak, tired, and unmotivated in the absence of the substances that had been used to compensate for poor self-care.

Helping the body to heal allows a person’s strength and energy to return. It’s also a great way to jumpstart the recovery process. At Sacred Rebels Recovery, participants benefit from a number of our therapies and support services design to promote physical health and healing. This includes:

  • Yoga
  • Fitness gym
  • Experiential & outdoor activities
  • Balanced diet

Emotional healing

Many people turn to alcohol or drug abuse as a means of coping with difficult emotions. This is particularly common among trauma survivors and victims of abuse, but it also frequently happens with patients who suffer from a co-occurring emotional disorder. Then when they start receiving treatment, all of those emotions that had been dampened by substance abuse come flooding back, which can be quite overwhelming.

Emotional wellness is an important component of a holistic recovery treatment program. It lets participants learn a number of strategies and tools with which to manage their emotions in a healthier and more effective manner.

At Sacred Rebels Recovery, our clients will gain more awareness of their emotions through a number of different treatment options and support services, including:

  • Daily group meetings
  • Daily One on One meetings
  • Anger management exercises
  • Psychotherapy
  • Somatic counselling
  • Meditation Practices
  • Post Ceremony Integration
  • Private Consultations with Maestro Ricardo

Spiritual healing & integration

Spirituality is a nebulous term that’s often either misunderstood or mistaken for being religious. It’s considered to be the sense of connection that most people feel to something bigger than themselves. For those who don’t have strong faith, this can also be a connection to nature, the energies of others, the physical world, or the cosmos. But however you personally define spirituality, people in active addiction often lose touch with their spiritual selves.

Alcohol or drugs weaken a person’s spiritual ties, making him or her feel less connected and fulfilled. If this isn’t addressed in recovery, there’s a significantly higher chance of relapse after completing a treatment program.

Post-ceremony integration is held in the ceremony space as a group amongst the other passengers staying at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual by Maestro Ricardo Amaringo. Sacred Rebels Recovery participants & staff also partake in a daily sharing circle to reflect on their experiences and support through the integration process.

At Sacred Rebels Recovery, there are a number of activities in which our participants may access to reinvigorate their spirituality, including:

  • Meditation Practices
  • Art & Craft making
  • Twelve-step programs & other support groups
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Affirmation & Mantra development

Dual-diagnosis support

Another benefit of holistic care is that it has a level of support for dual diagnoses by default. Through a combination of various forms of holistic treatment, individuals suffering from one of a number of disorders get the education and tools they need to alleviate many of their symptoms.

When someone suffering from a co-occurring disorder develops an addiction, we can presume that the pre-existing disorder was a major catalyst in the development of the addiction. For this reason, addressing the underlying psychological disorder is crucial for success in recovery.

Through a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, dual-diagnosis clients at Sacred Rebels Recovery receive support for a number of psychological disorders, including:

  • Depression
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Due to the nature of ayahuasca and its MAOI containing alkaloids the use of SSRI medications and other psychiatric medications must be ceased prior to consuming ayahuasca. No persons shall be permitted to consume ayahuasca while taking such medications and are required to disclose all medication history during the preliminary intake prior to paying any deposit or considering attending our retreat program.

Long term recovery plan

Making the journey to receive this level of help is a big step, it’s equally important to develop a structured plan when a person embarks on their journey back home and begins to integrate back into their community, reuniting with family, and returning to work.

We help guide individuals in developing a solid return to home plan for themselves which suits their needs and builds a schedule of supportive activities & ongoing healing work based on the community they reside in and local accessibility. An open line of communication is kept with participants even after they leave to maintain the relationships developed during their stay at Sacred Rebels Recovery & Nihue Rao. Many of the practitioners & healing resources participants access including Psychotherapists with ayahuasca experience will be available for ongoing support to attendees & will also help find practitioners local to the individual to further meet a person’s needs.

The long term recovery plans help continue the work that is accomplished during their stay and provides access to community support in order to help sustain a long term recovery outcome.

Upon completion of the 12 week program a participant may be invited to stay in a volunteer role and be in service for the next group of new attendees attending treatment. All Participants who complete 6 or 12 week programs will always be encouraged to participate in future group events and ayahuasca retreats.

The recovery community & support staff

Many of us recovered with the help of 12 step fellowships, community recovery programs, and conventional treatment centers. We especially welcome those who have multiple years in any particular fellowship and are interested in seeking ‘outside help’ in the form of plant medicine within our experienced community of people who are working a program of recovery while exploring a healthy relationship with ayahuasca. Our programs aren’t just for people in early recovery.

Everyone involved in a facilitative role or support in our recovery programs has multiple years of recovery from substance use disorders as well as multiple years of ayahuasca experience in the Shipibo Tradition with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo. Staff are trained & experienced in first aid, naloxone administration and hold various academic certifications related to working with people with mental health & substance use disorders.

We provide an open minded supportive community environment for our peers & newcomers here in the Peruvian Amazon at our permaculture centre & retreat space which neighbours the world renowned Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual in the Peruvian Amazon near Iquitos, Peru.

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