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Group retreats

Our group programs

Our group retreats are multifaceted and some will be open to everyone wishing to participate in ceremony at Nihue Rao and learn more about permaculture and the Shipibo Tradition of Vegetalismo.

There will also be recovery only invitational group retreats to hold a container for those of us recovering from mental health and substance related issues. Group recovery retreats are open to people with long term recovery 6months-multiple years free from substance use who have been working with ayahuasca for many years and those with long term recovery new to ayahuasca. The group recovery retreats are designed to
Unify those of us in recovery working with ayahuasca and deepen our recovery process through community support

People in early recovery are recommended to connect with us about participating in future events and consulting about making the decision to begin working with plant medicine prior to registering for retreats, people currently in active use are encouraged to reach out to us for direct support and information about our residential programs.

Group retreat invitations will be sent out through our e-mail news letter to everyone who opts for updates about what is happening here at Sacred Rebels Recovery. We will be organizing various workshops related to addiction recovery, permaculture, learning Shipibo Icaros, meditation classes & practices to help develop & advance personal skills to benefit ourselves & eachother during the ceremony experience as well as our daily lives.

We will also be holding non-dieta group retreats that will allow participants to enjoy a wider range of foods, fruits, and traditional Shipibo & Peruvian cuisine during their stay, all of which will be prepared in the Sacred Rebels Recovery kitchen at our permaculture center. Local Shipibo men & women will treat guests to regional foods and recipes that are not dieta friendly to allow for a more immersive traditional experience during their stay. Opening a dieta will always be an option for guests however dietary restrictions will apply to those who choose to do so.

As the gardens continue to flourish and our trees bear fruit we are looking forward to sharing a more robust menu with our guests that include fresh smoothies, salads, steamed vegetables & greens, fresh free range farm eggs from our hens, paiche fish from our pond, yuca, caldo de gaillina, and many vegan and vegetarian options.

We are always open to ideas & suggestions for group retreats! Please feel free to submit ideas or concepts via email and feel free to share our website with others who may be interested in participating in our events.

We now offer Starlink internet that operates between 50-200 megabytes per second which allows for all guests to have excellent internet connectivity for work and staying in touch with family via facetime, zoom, and various social media platforms.

We look forward to your stay! For more information please contact us today.

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