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Recovery Support / Facilitation


Leslie Jack Eaton is a 35 year old man from Nanaimo BC Canada.

He is a recovering addict, a father, a son and a brother to all. A former outreach and harm reduction worker, with Solid and new leaf  outreach, and current support worker, working with men in mental health , head injuries and addiction. He is also a recording, performance and visual artist, musician, and published poet. Leslie has worked with the medicine over the past 4 years and has attended Nihue Rao completing a  one month long diéta thus far, he has plans to join the sacred rebels program and help facilitate where he can aide in the recovery efforts of others on their recovery journey.

“My time at Nihue Rao has provided an ineffable quality to my personal recovery journey, without it I would still be for lack of a better world asleep. The ability to do some deep cleaning and confront my wounds through practicing the vegatalismo has helped where conventional recovery practices haven’t seemed to be able to.”

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