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Master Shaman

Ricardo Amaringo

Maestro Ricardo Amaringo is a Shipibo curandero master, Ricardo has been working with ayahuasca for over 43 years and has completed  a cumulative 18 years of master plant and master tree dietas including one that 2.5 years long. Ricardo shares openly about his past with alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana misuse as well as his ability to overcome these personal challenges by working with ayahuasca. He began apprenticing over 20 years ago and is an expert in the Shipibo tradition of vegetalismo and widely known and respected as one of the greatest shaman of his generation. Ricardo has dedicated his life to helping people heal from their traumas, addictions, physical & spiritual challenges. Ricardo is also an amazing teacher and loves to share his knowledge and experience with anyone who is willing to learn.

“Ayahuasca and the master plants heal people because they help people see their wrongs and give them the ability to correct them while at the same time allowing them to make peace with their traumas and find peace in themselves, people who have suffered from the use of drugs can recover but they must be willing to surrender and begin living a new way of life and work with the medicine to clean the negative energies and blockages caused by their life in addiction” – Maestro Ricardo Amaringo”

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